The Internet is an efficient medium for publishers today

However, as it grows, it also provides new opportunities to television broadcasters. TV channels are gradually moving away from terrestrial television and their digital platforms are becoming more and more popular. They want to use digital technology for their programming and for this purpose, a dedicated platform is needed. There are various online companies that build online TV channels. Some choose the traditional methods of broadcasting using analogue equipment (which can be costly) while some companies have the means to rent out their airtime through webcams or drones instead of satellite dishes or cable boxes. In that sense, renting out access to TV programming with these digital packages makes a lot of sense because you need only provide access to your video files and keep all other costs separate from the cost of your production.

If you are browsing the web or using an online application, you may be overwhelmed by all the information that is presented to you. You need some guidance on what to read, what you should watch and so on. Some websites might have an RSS feed or maybe a blog post is posted every day. These are in-formative sources of information, but it is not always clear which content to read and which sources can help in different situations.

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