It is a TV show that came out in 1993, “The Big Bang Theory”

It was a popular sitcom on the USA Network. It started as a spin-off of the movie “Blank Check” and focused on its main character, Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), an awkward math genius who develops and clings to an obsession with mathematics.

The show was initially created by Chuck Lorre (also creator of the sitcom “Roseanne”) and Steven Molaro but Lorre left after a while and Molaro took over. The producers also hired writer Chuck Lorre as well. With it came Allen Adler, who wrote all the episodes that were produced from 1999 to 2007 for three different seasons and finally for two seasons after he was fired by CBS in 2006 over creative differences

Television and online streaming have been the backbone of human communication for decades. The advent of smart TVs, smart phones and tablets have transformed the way we watch TV shows, surf the web or just read. Additionally, TV shows online can be accessed through any device – be it a laptop or a smartphone.

In my opinion ‘the big bang theory’ was one of the most exciting and influential television shows ever since it aired nearly 20 years ago with its futuristic concept that breaks away from old-style time travel, thus attracting more than millions of viewers all around the globe. The show is still being followed by millions who still love to watch reruns on YouTube for fresh content.

Prosocial behavior has played an important role in how this television series is received both critically and commercially: it has raised awareness about social.

TV shows are becoming more and more popular in the modern world. The content generated is also changing as technology has evolved.