Some people are used to watching a few or hours of television

But for others it’s a new experience, one that is as fresh and as exciting as the day it was first aired.

The show The Big Bang Theory is a popular TV series based on the idea of Einstein’s theory of gravity. The series consists of five main characters who are in their twenties and they love to have fun, to have adventures and most importantly, to get smarter by playing with their minds.

It has been watched by millions worldwide and has won multiple awards including:

Favourite TV shows of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 Best TV Show at the British Comedy Awards Best Newcomer at Emmys Best Summer Hit Best Television Series in 2012 Best Comedy on TV in 2013 Top Ten Upcoming.

The show The Big Bang Theory had a dominant run for a couple of years. It was one of the most successful shows for TV in the early 2000’s. However, its popularity eventually waned and it was eventually cancelled.

The show has been criticized as being sexist and racist by some audiences and particularly by women who are also fans of the show. It also received harsh criticism from people who claim to be fans of it. This is because they do not see any merit in its humor or its characters and they find them only annoying at best or even flat out offensive at worst. At this point, I want to address those critics directly.

We all know how TV is dominating our lives. Today, it is impossible to escape from it. We watch the news, read blogs, and binge-watch shows on streaming services such as Netflix.

Last but not least, we watch the masterful work of artists that comes out of the television screen.

There are many TV shows that uplift our spirits and leave a lasting impression on us after watching it once or twice; some of them are so popular that they have become dramas in their own right.  They continue to be popular even after years because they have something special about them.  Their stories help viewers connect with people who have similar problems as we do, whether they’re family members, friends or strangers!