This section on the show The Big bang Theory talks about how it got popular

“The big bang theory” is a TV show that was popular with young people and is still popular today. This section will discuss how this show was able to become so popular.

In the early 2000s, “the big bang theory” was popular among young people via MTV, VH1 and the Discovery Channel. It started in 2001 when the idea of “Big Bang Theory” came from fan theories. This show then its popularity increased to such an extent that it eventually got a spin-off series called as “The Big Bang Theory – The Middle Years” which also aired in 2011. Although this spin-off series ended in 2012, it made millions of dollars for the producers and stars of these shows and spawned other similar shows like “Wayne’s World

The TV show The Big Bang Theory is popular all over the world. It has a huge audience of millions of people and its show will be running till 2019. The change in TV shows will be due to the use of AI writers.

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