The big bang theory is a science fiction concept that describes the universe as expanding and contracting

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The big bang theory is a theory that states that the universe started out as a tiny point of energy. This is not only a scientific fact, but also an interesting concept.

The big bang theory is one of the most popular theories in physics. It describes how the universe started from a singularity and then expanded to be what it is today.

In the TV show, the theory of the big bang is explained in detail. It is a scientific theory, which states that all matter in the universe will eventually collapse into a single point called the singularity. The show explains how this happens and what happens next.

The show the big bang theory is a popular television series that was aired on the BBC in 1988. The show features the search for new types of matter and new forms of energy. It has been adapted into a film, which was also aired on the BBC in 2012.