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Both football and digital technologies are playing an increasing role in the world today, not only in sport. We should be open to all new developments and the impact they may bring.

This article contains an overview of player movement and mentions the latest adaptations to this technology. It also provide some basic information on how it is currently operated:

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Football is a popular sport in Europe. It is seen as a sport with both mental and physical challenges. Get the Spanish perspective on how it has affected football culture:

Sport is not just about physical activities such as running or jumping, but also about emotion, self-expression and identity.

The European Union celebrates its 50th anniversary of the day that it was founded on 15 November 1957. The continent has experienced some of the most significant events in its history including the fall of communism, European integration, invasions by Nazi Germany and World War II (the “Second World War” more accurately described as Nazi-Fascist aggression), the end of apartheid in South Africa, and an economic boom after reunification with East Germany in 1990. But has this changed since then? How does sports culture reflect our