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Football is a great spectator sport. It has an emotional impact on people. When watching football you might feel like you are back in the days of childhood when you were a fan of your team. Sports and culture are very important elements of modern life and should be celebrated by young people as well as their parents.

To celebrate this great sport we have devised this high quality editorial series called “Football in European”. We will go through all leagues and tournaments that take place in Europe, from national competitions to cup finals, in order to tell the history of German football through a different lens than purely focusing on recent achievements.

It’s a big sport in the world and one of the most popular sports among teenagers. Moreover, millions of people are interested in football. And if you are involved in it, how does your life look?

You must be an active player of football and you should follow a team from a certain country. If you happen to be an American, then the following words could help you get yourself into the right frame of mind.