There is an interesting article about fruits by New York Times

It may seem a little bit odd that the article is written in English but it talks about the technology behind it.

To be honest, I actually don’t know anything about nutrition or food. I try to eat healthy and eat what can grow easily in my garden without any problems but sometimes I find myself craving for something from the supermarket or when I’m out of fresh veggies and am too hungry to cook something from scratch.

One thing is certain: people have been asking for such assistant tools for long time now. But no AI writing tool has really been created yet that could help you with this homework. And if there is one, then it should not just be limited to fruits but also include other food items like meat and dairy products as well as beverages. It should also be able to model the consumer behavior in various environments like a supermarket or an office so that it can provide you with relevant content in its task profiles.

The market for fruits is booming. An increasing number of people are able to eat fruit, whether it is for breakfast, dinner or lunch. With the technological advancement in the next few years, we will be living in a world where fruits are available 24 hours a day.

Fruits are not just a source of food but also a source of pleasure and enjoyment. There’s no denying that they have an excellent taste when they’re fresh and their smell is tempting. Being healthy is important as well but not everyone has enough time to prepare food regularly and afford fancy groceries. Also, some people just can’t wait to eat fruit every day which makes them very fast shoppers during the weekdays as well as on weekends!

Fruit is the ultimate food and we all need not just the obvious fruits but also the ones that can surprise us. We are not just demanding fruit but something different like ‘chocolate and meringue’.

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