Football is one of the most played and watched sports around the world

However, football in Europe is changing slowly. In recent years, as more and more people are playing different football styles on a weekly basis, there was a growing gap between high-level footballing nations and those who were still playing a local league. The most popular sport in Europe today is in fact pelota y paseo […]

There are lots of leagues with different rules, regulations and divisions

The main aim is to improve the game and make it more exciting for the fans. So far, football has been the main source of entertainment worldwide. However, there are so many other sports that need to be included in the game. Example like volley-ball has a population of 400 million people (excluding China) but […]

We all love football

So if you’re an avid soccer fan, you probably have some soccer related articles in your favorite news website. But it’s not as easy to find them as one would imagine. These are the same problems content writers face when they need to generate a specific piece of content for an audience. When in doubt, […]

Football is one of the most popular sports in Europe

It’s played around the world and it’s a great opportunity for companies to promote their product or service. FIFA ( is a global sports association that belongs to FIFA, the governing body of football, whose headquarters are located at Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded in 1904 and its headquarters are located at Zurich in […]

Since the digital revolution, sports has become so popular and people enjoy it a lot

A major reason for this is that sports have brought together all kinds of people from different teams, cultures and backgrounds in one place where they can enjoy their hobby. When it comes to digital agency world, Agencies use football to generate ideas and market their clients’ products on a global scale. The football industry […]

This section is about the history of football, its preferences and its fans

Football has a long history in Europe and has the largest fan base. It’s not just a hobby but one of the most popular sports in the world. Football is a very competitive game and involves skill, strategy and physical exertion. Also, it is played on almost every populated continent with many different teams playing […]

This section is all about the various stages of media exposure

Each stage has its own impact on the base level of awareness as well as media credibility. The audience, or potential audience in this case, need to be aware of the competition and their strengths and weaknesses so that they can react accordingly. Therefore, it is important for a company to make sure that their […]