What’s the next step after college?

Perfect literature reviews are addressing all kinds of literatures, especially literary criticism. Most literature reviews in academic journals are lengthy and boring to read. The authors of these reviews take a lot of time to write. They must think about the issues they want to discuss and they do not have the time to think […]

I’m going to talk about what I have done recently, when I was looking for a job

These days many recruiters are using online recruiting tools – sites like Indeed and Monster. While some companies use it for hiring their own staff, others have used it to recruit candidates from different industries. Looking for a job is one of the most common discussions among people at any time across the globe and […]

It is normal that we look for a job

Some people are looking for their first job and just want to see if they have what it takes. Other people are looking to improve their skills in certain field and want to feel more confident in an interview. It all depends on the personal needs of the person. There are also many studies where […]

Looking for a job can turn out to be a complicated process

There are many different ways that you could go about looking for a job and it might require you to use different platforms and tools. The job market might not be as grim as it was a few years back, but it is still not easy to find a job. Most companies are reluctant to […]

In 2018, the job market became very difficult.

Many people did not find it interesting to work for a particular company or their boss and decided to look for another job. After months of searching, some people gave up and decided that they had made the wrong choice. They wondered what is the point in working if you will never be able to […]

There is always a need for people

It is difficult to find people who can write things like you want them to. Most of the people are happy just typing in one word, or saying that they are interested in a job, but not having real experience. Looking for a job should not be very difficult. After all, you have the resume […]

Hello and welcome to CareerLive. My name is Daniel.

I’m a career coach focusing on hiring and succession planning. What are you looking for? The employer needs someone to write the description that is needed for the job advertisement. Unfortunately, there are process and system failures behind this problem. For example, a company might have more than 1 hiring manager choosing the same candidates, […]

You need to be your own best asset and be truly focused on the right tasks

In today’s world, there are apps that come pre-installed on your phone or tablet. These apps can be used to find companies or jobs in your area. Some of these apps can also link you with suitable candidates through their network of partners and contacts. These applications have their own rules for generating content and […]