The introduction is important because the reader should immediately know

“It’s your time to shine”. Many job seekers are willing to go through any steps to find a job and take the chance of being contacted by an employer. The more they know about various aspects of the company, the better chance they will have of finding a suitable one. Employers who have an AI […]

The need for employees has never been as relevant as it is today

Considering the changing times, hiring managers are looking for organizations that have a strong staff base, good leadership and are able to deliver results. A job is a legally binding contract between two parties which they have agreed upon in order to work together. Not all jobs are equal, though. Some can be challenging, full […]

The talent market is filled with hundreds of thousands of job ads

The problem is that most of them are unreadable, boring and therefore fall in the “search away” category. There is more opportunity now than ever to get a foot in the door since companies are opening their ad budget to talented creative people. Since recruiters focus on people, companies are giving priority to people who […]

In the current job market

It is common to hear that there are a lot of opportunities in terms of qualifications and experience. In other words, there is room for everyone. However, at times you might not be sure which company gives the best package and has the best working environment to suit your desires. There are people who come […]

It is a common practice to look for a job on your own

Not only because it’s the easiest way to get employ, but also because it’s not so difficult to find a job if you have skills and experience. Looking for a job can be a great source of stress. When you want to find the right team member, it is highly likely that you will need […]

There are lots of factors that should be considered when hiring people

What qualifications do you have? How do you make a person look attractive to your target audience? How would I like to work with someone? Some of the things that you should consider when hiring people: As a business owner, you need to find the right people for your team. And whether you want to […]

The need to attract more and more qualified people into the workforce is huge

A quick search on LinkedIn will turn up a variety of job ads from companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Facebook and many other. Most people would like to be able to interview a candidate and this is only possible if the hiring manager has a good grasp of the candidate’s skill sets. Here are […]